Author: Lizzie Conlon

Nominated for Best Escape Room

We are excited to announce that Palace Games has been nominated for Best Escape Room by USA Today 10Best for the second year in a row!

It is an honor to be included in this contest, and we are very grateful to all our players for helping us get there. Your support, reviews, referrals, and just general awesomeness means the world to us!


Palace Games Team

Some PG Super Stars!

If you have enjoyed one or both of our escape rooms, please vote for us here. No registration is necessary. You can submit a vote for us everyday until the contest closes on September 25th. We greatly appreciate all votes!

For those that have yet to play either of our escape rooms, book The Great Houdini Escape Room or The Roosevelt Escape Room to see why we have been nominated again for the country’s best escape room!

How many players does it take to escape a Palace Games escape room?

50,000 people

That’s right – since discovering The Houdini Escape Room in 2015, Palace Games has hosted over 5000 escape rooms! That’s 50,000 people who have pitted their brains and bravery against the challenges presented by Harry Houdini and Teddy Roosevelt!

Just how many people is 50,000?


  • 50,000 players laid end-to-end would cross the Golden Gate Bridge more than 30 times, creating a stack of humans over three stories tall.

  • 50,000 people would fill a Golden State Warriors’ home game 2.5 times, leaving no room for fans of the other team.

  • 50,000 people laid end-to-end would reach from the Palace of Fine Arts to the San Jose Airport, causing enormous traffic jams.

  • 50,000 people would fill AT&T Park for a Giants game, and still have more than 8000 forced to watch the game from a nearby bar. It would be a VERY crowded bar!


And we aren’t finished yet! The third escape room at the Palace of Fine Arts has recently been discovered and will be open to the public soon. We hope all 50,000 players will come back to play that one too!

Thank you to all our wonderful guests!


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Escape Rooms for Halloween!

Do you know the perfect Halloween activity?

Here’s a hint… Play an Escape Room!

Halloween quickly approaches – why don’t you try something different this year and get into the spooky spirit at Palace Games? Book The Great Houdini Escape Room or The Roosevelt Escape Room and enjoy some Halloween festivities in our new lobby!

Halloween at Palace Games

If you are too old to trick or treat, book a room on October 25 – October 31 to enjoy Halloween at Palace Games. We have festive refreshments, decorations, a raffle, and spooky tunes in our lobby for all players. Costumes are encouraged and may result in extra candy!

We hope to see you soon!


Ps. Our rooms are not scary, but they are a lot of fun! If you have questions about the experience, shoot us a note at or call us at 415-997-8522 x 2!

New Team Building Activity – Escape the Palace!

We are excited to announce the official launch of Escape the Palace – a brand new team building activity by Palace Games!


Escape the Palace is a puzzle hunt game designed for large groups with a minimum of 50 participants and is ideal for corporate off sites and  team building events. Participants will be split up into smaller teams of 6-8 players that will play simultaneously. Teams will race against each other to solve all the puzzles and “escape” the Palace first! Teamwork is a must to complete the game and a little friendly competition keeps the game moving quickly. Players will feel challenged, but have a lot of fun!


Escape the Palace

Escape the Palace - Team Building Activity Escape the Palace - Team Building Activity

Here is what some recent Escape the Place players have to say about the game:

The game was a LOT of fun!  Everyone had a great time and truly felt challenged.”

“The challenges were so unique and very engaging and I think one of the best parts of the way the event was structured was that it required full group collaboration.”

Group Size Minimum: 50 players

Group Size Maximum: Max limit of players is subject to space available for the game.

Duration: Approximately 2 hours

Location: The Innovation Hangar (inside the Palace of Fine Arts)


We are now accepting reservations for games starting in November or later. Please contact us at to discuss pricing, availability and options for your event. We recommend booking soon for Holiday parties!


Click here for more info about Escape the Palace!

Vote for Palace Games in USA Today’s 10 Best Escape Rooms!

We are very excited to announce that we have been chosen as one of the top escape rooms by USA Today and have been nominated to be in the country’s top ten! It is an honor to be selected for this list and, needless to say, we are all pretty excited over here at Palace Games.

If you have enjoyed our escape room(s), we would really appreciate a vote from you and your team members. You can submit a vote here. There is no registration necessary – just a single click. You can vote one time per day, so you may vote for us more than once if you are so inclined!

Roosevelt Escape Room

The Roosevelt Escape Room

Finally, thank you for being the best customers around. So many of you have provided feedback, spread the word to friends and family, posted about us on review sites or social media, and everyone has been an absolute pleasure to host. We are lucky to have customers as great as you!

Please be sure to spread the word and share the link with friends!