Palace Games has two escape rooms:

The Great Houdini Escape Room

The Roosevelt Escape Room

Each of these two rooms exists in a permanent, physical space – so we cannot change the Roosevelt Room into the Houdini Room or vice versa. Each game is different – different puzzles, different aesthetic, different background – but the type of experience is similar – solving puzzles as a team to escape before time runs out!

The Houdini Room and the Roosevelt Room run on concurrent schedules. Both the Houdini and Roosevelt Room can each accommodate up to 12 players at a time. The maximum amount of people that can be accommodated in our escape rooms at any given time is 24. We do not have any other escape rooms at this time.

If you have a group of 50 or more, check out our new puzzle hunt game,  Escape the Palace, to see if it could be a good fit for your event!

For Groups of 6 – 12

Number of rooms needed: 1

You may play either room! It is not required to play the Houdini Room before playing the Roosevelt Room.

For Groups of 13 – 24

Number of rooms needed: 2

Sample Schedule:

Sample Schedule for 2 Rooms

For Groups of 25 – 36

Number of rooms needed: 3

Sample schedule:

Sample Schedule for 3 Rooms

For Groups of 37 – 48

Number of rooms needed: 4

Sample schedule:

Sample Schedule for 4 Rooms

For Groups of 49 – 60

Number of rooms needed: 5

Sample schedule:

Sample Schedule for 5 Rooms

For Groups of 61 – 72

Number of rooms needed: 6

Sample schedule:

Sample Schedule for 6 Rooms



*Please note that the times used in the sample schedules are just to illustrate how larger groups can be accommodated. Always check the calendar for availability on your desired event date.

The duration of play time shown in the sample schedules is an estimate. Actual length of game will depend on each group. Some will finish early with time to spare and others may need some extra play time. We always recommend blocking out about 2 hours for each group’s experience to allow time for the introduction, the game, extra play time if needed/available, and a photo at the end. All groups must arrive 10 minutes prior to their reservation time.

All time slots start 2 hours apart, regardless of when the prior group finishes their game. Groups that go over the final buzzer, will be stopped to allow enough time to reset the room before the next reservation.



Check out our FAQ, Booking Info & Policies, Things to Know About the Roosevelt Room, and Things to Know About the Houdini Room!